The Astan Asia Days

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We will organize a new Festival called the "Astan Asia Days". This Festival will take place in Germany in Essen at Weststadthalle in October - On Saturday 17.10.2015 and on Sunday 18.10.2015. This Event has different parts of a Programm. We will have some w Bands from Korea, Japan and other asian Places. But we also will have Youtube Bloggers, Fashiondesigners, a Marketplace, Contests and many other things. The detailled Programm and Schedule will be released in July 2015. We hope you stay tuned and we hope to establish a new and amazing Event for Germany & the EU.

If you are an asian Fashiondesigner, asian Youtube-Blogger or any kind of asian Artist ? Feel free to contact us. If you are from Germany and you run a shop / business related to Asia? Feel free to contact us.

Please use the Contact-Form above to contact us. Please use the Codeword AAD in your Message.